please feedback my flyer, thank you!

I think that my design is too easy :slight_smile:

hi Jeri this is rather original, though I think that the flyer need improvement a bit as regard to the typo. U also have to pay attention to the disposition of items so this looks more harmonious again and that this is looks more random but well arranged at the same time, u have too many squared elements ion the right side , while none of the left one, for instance. The spacing between elements is important also, make sure that things look really well composed (there is a gap with nothing inside over the “z” for instance). Give the “?” a 3d effect too. take out “erikaivo” that u once again put out there but makes no sense. Also take out “music blablabla” , there is a matter of coherence , what has “quiz” to do with music? I do not get it … besides, let me reming u that in English this will be “school quiz” rather “quiz school”, the the reading process really matters. I also think that u should place the bullet with the ticket price a bit more harmoniously too

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I already learning the flyer original :), I will fix some of my flyer before submitting graphicriver. thank you so much, regards.

I am not sure if is ok my flyer?

Another question… do I can download a style (3D) “?” in elements Envato but I will add a link below the description graphicriver?

I am sorry Jeri,but u really have to concentrate on learning English … once again u did something that I did not refer and did not do some I pointed at … the result is that this is not really any better than before in a way …