After Effects error: A file system I/O error (mac, ae cs6)

“After Effects error: A file system I/O error has occurred. (512) (25 :: 60)”

Does anybody know what this error mean?

I sold the same project several hundreds times, and this is first time that buyer is complaining with error message above.

I told him that I can help him with customization and render service, but I’d like to know what is the problem. I know only that the problem is obviously with his computer and/or OS.


My guess is that the machine is too weak to handle the render or it’s filled with all kinds of malware and bloatware. Ask for machine config and OS version and as you mentioned the problem is probably on the client side. Also faulty RAM or bad sectors on the hard drive can cause those issues. Anyway good luck :wink:

Let me Google that for you :slight_smile:

25::60 is a “not enough storage” error.

Hard drive full, I’d guess.

Thanks Ben. I tried with google but obviously not with right keywords from error message.

I suppose that buyer didn’t provided me exact error message, and that’s why “After Effects error: A file system I/O error has occurred. (512) (25 :: 60)” (with quotes) on google shows only this thread.

My logic is always: if I have any problem with any software, someone once had the same problem before me, and google must know the answer :slight_smile:


Problem solved.

Buyer said:

Thank you for all of your was weird to be receiving the error as I had 100 GB of storage and 16 GB of RAM…I restarted my computer and it works..very nice and thank you very much for the quick replies!