Problem rendering when writing on file. Error 1610153453

I need help!

I have been using after effects cs6 for a while already with no major problems so far.
I recently subscribed to envato elements and downloaded a video template. I opened it on AE, edited it and started rendering. I works but at the end of the process and error pops up saying that there was a processing problem when writing on the file. The error number is 1610153453. This only happens when using this template.

I have realised that when I hit preview in the begining of the comp it prerenders up to a certain point and it stops so I have tried to render the half of the comp until before that point but the same error keeps occuring.

Can anyone help me??


Check if any of the folder names (or file names) contain non latin (“strange”) characters.
If yes, just change it and try again.
I hope it helps.

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Thanks kriszta for your reply.

I checked and all the files contain “normal” characters. Thanks for your tip anyway!

I have managed though to export it in MOV format (I was exporting in h264) but the file is too big now…
I am trying now to export it to premier first. I will update if I find the solution.

Meanwhile any other tips are very welcome! :smile:

Does even the whole path contain “normal” characters?

OK solved! It worked with Premier :).

I had a look on the path and I did create a folder with “ñ” on it. I don’t know if that could be the problem…
I will try to check by changing the name.


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I wonder… thanks!