Accepted Or Rejected Need Expert Opinions and Feedback

Guys this is my template i want to know is it should be approved to themeforest ?

Any suggestion how can i improve that.
Here is the demo link Demo

Sorry, I believe it won’t pass the review …
Very fast review of mine (sorry, I don’t have much more time):

  • typography is inconsistent - there’s a Montseratt and Roboto, but there are also other (Open Sans, Lato regular ?) in “Latest questions”, “Follow us”… Too much diffrerent fonts, sizes. Also, the Monserrat font is not rendering well at this sizes/weight ony my machine (Win8.1 /Chrome)
  • General inconsistency in typography - you’ll need to work here much more (sorry, I know you already work too much)
  • Header layout is a bit messy, logo does not match overall style, in typography especially
  • footer looks good to me

There’s much more to review (or better, too much), hope others will give some input ro help you.