New On Themeforest And First Template



Hy Guyz i am new to Themeforest And its My First Template.

Demo Link

Is it ready to themeforest ? Is it approved or regected…

And Any Advice Or Suggestion Please To New Comers Thanks In Advance.


Any Idea guyz ?


Sorry to say but i don’t think its going to be accepted. Good luck to submission. :slight_smile:


@themevendors is it a poor desing or having some issue ?

Thanks for your reply


The design have some problems for example:

check our blog
no way to read the articles

And the main reason you couldn’t pass the review is that it just concept is not original


It doesn’t matter really how original something is these days. I’d go as far to say that one out of every two themes on ThemeForest is not original by any means.

I like how you did the blog posts section (Check our Blog) with the avatars there. That’s very clever.

Overall though, there’s a few disparities in the typography that I’d suggest changes on. There’s a multitude of line heights, sizes, and weights in even just the body text, where you should have parity across the board. One major issue with this style of website is that it can easily become confusing. By limiting yourself on typography, you can achieve a “look” throughout the theme, which creates a familiar relativity for the viewer.


Hi! Welcome to Themeforest :slight_smile:

I got some point on the demo page, most important 1 & 2,

  1. Typography is not well enough,

  2. Universel spacing is not = there,

  3. page scrolling issue.

Try creativity,

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks @theonetheme