accepted but not published



Hello ! I received approval email but not published, Why ???


Hi there,

Did you received an accept message, or soft-rejected message ?



Accept not soft rejected


Do you see it anywhere ? click hidden items, can you see it there ?


Congratulations! Your submission ‘Traveler in Winter Mountain’ has been approved for sale on VideoHive. You can view it online here:

Thanks for your high quality submission. Keep up the awesome work!

Envato Market Team


“This item is no longer available”, looks like they accept it by mistake and removed it later, didn’t you get any other messages ?


I received nothing, Only one email


The envato team they do not work like they used to


I received nothing, Only one email




@KingDog I don’t know who I should call, I just remember only your account, then please help this guy, Thanks!


Have you opened a Help Ticket yet? If you haven’t please do. If you already have, please be patient as the Help Team will be happy to look into it for you. Thanks!


Thank you very much


hi , so it’s ok ? i wait ok ?