A seller threatens me to get a better review

We will not reset your license because of your review. You clearly contacted us 20-something minutes ago so any wait time which you refer to as ‘3 days’ does not seem to be true or related to our response time. We added the protection measures because we have real data that tells us that many people abuse our trust by sharing their key which results in one key being used for ~100+ sites.

If you think the author is genuinely being unreasonable then you can reach out to Envato but bear in mind that the first thing Envato will check is how long you have/had been waiting for so you need to be sure that you have evidence that you are right and not the author.

FYI authors preventing license resets/reactivation is common practice to protect everyone involved.

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Highly, highly inappropriate and that Author will most certainly get disabled if this is true. Please report this situation to Envato Market Help and Support immediately and provide as much proof as possible.

An author is not allowed to void your license for reviews.