Buyer doing threat messages.

Hello, community,

I have one buyer who purchased one of my script 6 months back.

Now suddenly their website is down for some reason. & he blamed me and sent WhatsApp messages that we had done something on their server but that’s completely wrong. he claimed that we had forcefully updated our new version which is also wrong

Now he sent me a threatening message that he will buy 10 or 20 licenses of my items & he will write bad comments & bad Reviews on my profile

Please help me how do I save my profile from this buyer?

Please @BenLeong @KingDog @charlie4282 @123Simples


It’s not bad idea. Just let him purchase the items and you could get the reviews removed.

Joke aside, don’t be afraid of the “blackmailing” save the email/conversations ( if it’s through Whatsapp, get screenshots ) and if they post a review that is not true, you can request removal.

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While threatening behaviour is of course not right…

  • Envato won’t be able to do anything relating to things that happen off network, after 6 months, and as a result of someone volunteering their personal contact info

  • With respect you are breaching envato and author licensing which does not look good and creates other potentially serious problems.

You cannot create your own licensing options or offer different features to an item based on envato’s licenses.

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Hi @Papon_IT_Solutions

In answer to your question, you save everything as a “paper trail”. If your scripts meet all the standards expected of Envato, AND you do your best to support your clients, then that is all you can do.

Harassing authors, abusing the review system, and spamming comments are all prohibited here so they will be dealt with swiftly.

And choose My Items & Uploads, then from there select under the dropdown Tell Us More choose My Item Comments are being spammed or abused.

Unfortunately, just as there may be rouge sellers, there are also rouge buyers who will complain at anything. You need to counter the negative comments made with professional answers too. If someone complains (and you know it is wrong) then be respectful but friendly.

In case you have never watched Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze you need to view this clip to get my point :wink: where he is describing it is nothing personal!

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