A client wants a custom edit

Hey, guys!
A client wants me to do a custom edit of a new item i just uploaded…
How do i go about it?
Thanx in advance for your comments and advice!

I personally would do the custom edit and depending on the type of edit offer it as a version to the main file on Audio Jungle. (Really depends on the type of edit required).


If edit is quick and simple I do it for free. Especially if I don’t have to create sth.

If there is something bigger, buyer usually offers some extra cash or bigger license.


Make sure you make it clear that the same license terms apply to the edit. If you don’t mention anything to do with the allowed usage, then he might assume it’s work for hire and that he owns the new version… i.e. he can then use it multiple times, in any project, and he can even sell it on.

It probably isn’t, but it could be a cunning ploy to get a broadcast license at a reduced price. “What do you mean I can’t use it in a blockbuster film? I paid you the $50 you wanted to create a new version of the track, so I own that track!” etc etc


Great advice from everybody! THANX!