Client wants to buyout a track.

Hey all,

So i just got a interesting question we all get once in a while, normally they want a full library/portfolio but i have a trailer company that wants to buyout (100% rights to the track) a track from my portfolio.

What would you ask? I have to calculate what it would roughly earn me in a lifetime, but that’s very difficult with all the changes, ups and downs in the market.

Right now the track earns me 40 dollar per month, not counting the hypothetically sales of boradcast licenses, or a simply increase of sales.

Any input is much appreciated!

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Hi Robert,

I recently had an enquiry about one of my Halloween tracks requesting a buyout. I quoted a price and then silence…Be sensible and take into account future earnings. Genuine buyers have genuine budgets.


You also need to explain to them that regardless of a buy out / any one who has already purchased it, will have every right to continue using it under what ever license they purchased


This is very true indeed, i will also have to remove content ID claims.
good point Charlie.

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Maybe the best solution is make another brand new track specially for them, using the first one as the reference? It will solve all the problems with previous buyers, CID, etc.


hmm, could be a idea.
But they will need the track by tomorrow.

My concern would be that people who want to buy out tend to want to use it for something quite serious.

Do you know what they plan to do?

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Not yet, im thinking though they are a trailer company wanting to buy tracks to use for their library.

Without wanting to make more delays I would think this is quite important to know - if it turns out to be a soundtrack or trailer for a movie then they should be paying you a significant amount versus if it’s just for a one off YouTube video etc.

There’s lots of things to consider when costing up an appropriate charge

Okay cheers Charlie,

So i found out it is a trailer company indeed… thinking they would need it for trailer with a very tight deadline.

Hey Robert,

A total buyout would imply a huge compensation. Under a five-figure offer, I would not consider it. That may seem extreme, but the concept of a total buyout is quite extreme itself. What would this buyout include precisely? Would you retain some rights?

Also, I’m not sure you’d be able to sort things out regarding ContentID in such a tight timeframe.

Of course, depending on your situation, it could be a great opportunity.

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Yes, im thinking of the future sales it would bring, including broadcast licenses.
it is really hard though, but i have done a offer… now let’s see what they think of it… thanks buddy

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Good luck!

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thanks buddy! Allthough im a bit skeptical for now, since i had these a few times and never heard anything back in the end.
We’ll see… cheers, i will keep you all updated.

Maybe it’s relevant, here are PRS rates for using music in production.

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Thanks Theo! Yes, that really helps… bit low on those trailer prices no? I expected higher prices :wink:

The buyout there (9,500 pounds for worldwide), simply means exclusive use. The author retains their rights.


Seems that these are not buyout rates, since nothing mentioned about publisher’s or writer’s royalties share, but it’s a point to start from.

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Thing is, there is no valid reason for them to ask you to relinquish your rights and writer’s share royalties like this.

Or what am I missing?

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