Received a quote request from a major movie studio. Where can I find help with this?

Hello guys! Sorry if this is too off-topic. The track in question is not an AJ track, so I can’t rely on AJ to handle the transaction.

Yesterday I received an email from a major movie studio. The email appears to be legit from what I can tell. They expressed interest in using a short audio clip that I recorded in a major movie release. This is a pretty big movie that all of you would recognize. I have done a bit of licensing to small independent film makers, game devs, etc. but nothing even close to this scale.

I don’t want to post details publicly, but I was wondering if I can get someone with more experience to PM me so I can get some advice. Either that, or maybe someone can point me to a place where I can get in contact with people that can help. I’ve never worked with a music manager or anything and I’m just not very knowledgeable in the legal or business side of this. I’m afraid that I’m gonna blow the opportunity by not being professional enough. Thanks!

I won’t be able to help you sorry, but congratulations!! Sounds exciting, hope it goes through :sunglasses:

Maybe you can contact your local P.R.O ,since they have legal teams etc. they can help you with the contract and the licensing for the track the studio wants to use,Congrats and Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I’ve found a lot of very valuable help here. I have responded to the offer and I’m waiting to hear back from them.

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I’d go with $5 to $10k

Ah, that would be nice! I’m taking a lower amount though because they are only using three seconds. I’ve consulted with some other people that feel the amount they are offering is fair given the details, and I agree. I’m much more excited about the exposure anyway. I’m hoping this opportunity will lead me to some good work in the future.

At this point it looks like I may be waiting for awhile before I find out if it’s official or not. They said the movie is early in production and the scene could still potentially change. Got my fingers crossed :smiley: