Scoring a Short Film

Hello! I am looking to partner or hire someone for a low low budget short film we are making. I own a studio that does local tv commercials and video productions, we are branching out and producing a short film, hiring actors, etc. I would love a “semi custom” sound track for this to release with it on the website. As usual there isn’t alot of money however I would love to give someone an IMDB credit and screen credit for the score of an under 15-20 min short.

Anyone interested?

hybrid, epic, scifi, very much in the vain of the sound of Hans Zimmer Man of Steel, Terminator, etc.


I wrote you PM


If this kind of stuff will please your idea I’m all for it.

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if you are interested in purchasing music license here on AJ, here are some tracks that may work fine (hybrid orchestral in the style you requested)

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Just in case you still interested or looking for alternatives…


Hi @watts-creative how did the film turn out? Were you able to find a composer here to work with you? Feel free to share a link to your project(s) with us! Additionally, I just saw your other post seeking special effects artists. I moved the post to a different category for you (VideoHive) as that may be a better fit for the audience you’re trying to reach. Good luck with the project(s)! :slight_smile:

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