Please, please, please....Help me, help me, help me.......

hello everybody…I started to work with AJ and the begin was great. 3 tracks uploaded 3 tracks accepted.
Now 2 track was been rejected, ok there was some errors, but now i uploaded a cue i think is very good.
I don’t know maybe i wrong the structure? too long?
Thank you

thank you

I think it’s more about the music in the movies. And I think it’s very difficult. Can be write that the easier? In General, there is talent, but I think you definitely need to move in this direction, for example the soundtracks in the movie. That’s just my opinion.

I also think that it has to do with the drums of the first section, the snare is somewhat okey, but the kick sounds really really muddy. It surprises me cause the rest of the track sounds amazing to me!

Good luck!

To my ears it sounds muddy and lacks definition. Drums are definitely buried in the mix. Overall I would say it is cinematic but more the film maker type than for the AJ market. I like it though!

Thank you everybody!!!do you know some track i can hear for improve the drum?