The customer wants full buyout rights for my item. What to do?


Hi fellows, I need your advice. The customer dropped me a comment that he wants my audio logo with full buyout to own all rights to use. As I know, such issue is out of Envato’s competence as a stock market. My guess is that it’s possible if I delete the item from market and dealing with him directly. Am I right?

If someone had a deal with full buying out, please suggest me the the way to make it correctly if I’m missing something.

I’m asking this at forum, not Support Team, to save time, the customer is waiting for my response. Thanks!


Be absolutly careful about this. Sure you will have to delete it from Audiojungle.

What is the deal ? They want full rights ? How much do they want to buy it ? What is the company ? Is it for Tv, radio, cinema, video games, advertising ? A lot of questions you have to ask to them, because you will lose all rights and future royalties and won’t be able to sell it again. You need to sign a contract for this.

I don’t really advise you to do that or sell the buyout at very high price.


This happened to me - negotiate a realistic price, get it deposited into Paypal and then delete it from your portfolio. Make sure the price is worth doing it.


Thank you @Vermair for the reply and your point! Yes, I’d agree to say goodbye for that item for the satisfiable price, I can produce more other items. I’ll ask him for company’s info and way of usage. I see the only way to use audio logo as an exclusive company’s logotype, likely it’s so. I’ll clarify the suppositional amount of audience,

What I’m not sure – which kind of file to suit DMCA legally there is to sign for such case.


Thank you mr. Graham! Yes, I think the same to do. Which documents did you issued juridically with your customer?


No documents were issued - I just took the money and ran!


Huh, and then sold that track with full ownership rights twice more? :wink:


You’re welcome ! Yeah sure you can produce other items. But be careful because it can be for Tv or radio advertising and they can get lot of royalties from it . A simple logo has multiple uses (not just company logo type) and can brings a lot of incomes and royalties from your PRO thanksful tv or radio…

So yeah ask them audience, usage and a contract with all this points.

If it’s for a little company don’t be affraid and go for it, but be sure they are trustable.


I deleted the item straight away after the money appeared on Paypal. It was included in a pack which had to be updated but a deal was made and turned out all fair to both parties.


@Vermair, @gballx, big thanks for your suggestions! I go for it, let’s see.


I can´t help about this, but… congrats! by the way. :grinning:


You should make it very clear to the buyer that anyone who purchased the item prior to the buyout will be able to continue using the item according to the terms of their Audiojungle license.


Out of interest had the time sold previously either independently or as part of the bundle?

If so you might want to warn the person who bought the rights off you that the previous buyer(s) have every right to use it in whatever way they choose (within envato license) regardless of them having bought the rights to it


Yes, I thought of it. It was sold 5 times before, all Music Standard Licenses. It seemed to me the reason to lower the cost as the full exclusivity of an ownership is not perfect until the AJ license’s time out. Anyway thanks for reminder, I’ll note it them more detailed.

Could anyone still point me the example of file form we need to sign to make it legal? I’m not a master of US law papers, hard to find :slight_smile:


@Manriquedelara, thank you! :slight_smile: Seems everything is Ok, we found both-satisfying agreement with customer. Perhaps that logo would be sold a few times more here at AJ (it wasn’t supported by Videohive projects which is a great luck for logos). But after some doubts I decided to let it go to shine at the fate’s place.


Yes, we clarified all the details like other sold licenses’ usage. The customer made transaction, I asked the reviewer to replace the item to hidden section, then when transaction will be completed, I’ll delete it from the market at all.

Thank you all for your helpful suggestions.

Thank Envato for promoting my item for such rare case.

Looks like a sign for me to put more attention on AJ, I wasn’t active here for about a year but it still brings such surprises :slight_smile:


By the way, maybe I owe something to Envato? You did the promotion but earn nothing from that deal.

Anyway thanks! :wink:


Buy Out request = incomptence on the part of the customer.

Ask for $50,000 to transfer full ownership of your asset to the willing buyer.

Yes I really do mean four 0’s. Why would you ever transfer copyright to someone when it already is “for rent” forever. To All: think of your music as PROPERTY you own and is eternally for rent. Envato is just a broker in the deal. Envato does not own your asset…they simply “broker” the “rental” transaction.

These requests are just scams to avoid future payments or they have a hidden agenda to make performance royalties off your property. Be VERY CAREFUL. I have said this a million times…you simply never know when your “property” is going to collect a bunch of “rent”

Think Themes on popular TV shows
Large long running advertising campaigns for big brands…


@SteelSound, thank you for your opinion.

Having some things we can choose to give them for rent, to sell them, to use them by ourselves, to throw them away, to gift them, or to keep them worklessly in the loft suitcases when the only use they can bring is a warm thought that we are their owners. In my exact case I’ve chosen the second, surely the most benefitial variant than any others. Like to keep that item on Envato in hopes for lucky Hive project, or to remove it from here and post on other markets, or to reswitch it to non-exclusive and spread it on other markets…

It was not a bad logo, in my opinion, interesting and catchy enough, but it was buried deeply under cultural layers, you know how it happens.

Why it nessesarily be scam? Likely the buyer wants exclusive uniqueness without booking spesially for him the unique custom work with copiright ownership like big brands usually do.

Why to think about TV series? I gave it out by my decision and satisfying for both agreement and do not care anymore. At least it will work. Even if it will be used in zilliondoll projects – I don’t see the reason to be pity for something I’ve lost when I’ve got enough.


AlI can say is “stranger things have happened”. You’d be surprised how out of nowhere, a piece of your property ( your music track) can somehow, some way, get picked up on a project and create thousands in performance royalties for years and years.

@Ladanauskas, Just out of curiosity…can the buyer of the asset (Your music Logo) claim that they are now the writer and publisher of the cue?