MotionArray terms discussion (moved from Envato 3rd Party thread)

Opted out for lack of clarity and regulations. Waiting for more info from PROs, CID, and Earnings.

In the meantime and sorry for the off topic: how do you read the updated Motion A terms? Is this geared towards AI training even if not specified?

“In addition to the rights stated above, Author hereby grants Publisher worldwide rights to license the Digital Media to third parties as part of tailor-made business licenses which may offer additional uses, expansion of rights or less restrictions, including, but not limited to, the right to use the Digital Media without synchronization or as stand-alone file, to include the Digital Media in any kind of collections, to grant third parties the right to sublicense the Digital Media to their users, clients or anyone on their behalf, and any other license, method, format or media the Publisher may decide (“Business License”).”


It may mean literally everything, obviously. It reminded me that I saw in the KeepForest license new paragraph which forbids using KeepForest samples in tracks uploaded to MotionArray. Anybody knows what happened?

I wonder if that’s because Motion Array e.g. extended their licenses or started something with AI already?

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“Rendering and using samples of Keepforest for selling on audio stock websites (i.e. Audiojungle, Motion Array, etc.) as logos, sound effects, and other audio items of less than 15 sec and not in a music composition is prohibited.”

I think this just means you cannot use one of their braams and call it a logo to sell in a stock market, which makes sense


Not this one. This one:

Well probably they have read that part of the new agreement and updated their TOS.
I’ve requested the termination of my MA account in any case.

At least Envato is giving the option to keep selling without optin-in

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And which part of the new MA agreement is problematic for KF do you think? I bet it is not about 3rd party distribution but about some kind of AI related deals?

That paragraph I pasted, like you said it can mean everything.

A good idea is to stop using sample libraries and start creating the basic sounds myself for the future.


I asked MotionArray support about their new terms and if that means my files can be used to train AI. I was concerned about AI and potential problems with CID as a consequence.

This is the reply I got:

When it comes to CID regulations, everything remains as it was. Registration is up to you, but not mandatory. If anything changes regarding these regulations we’ll update our artists ASAP :slight_smile:

As for AI, AI licensing can be one of the transaction types that is allowed. It depends on the specific business agreement.
Our mission is to empower you to thrive in the marketplace. We’re committed to facilitating a wide array of transactions to maximize your earnings while ensuring your rights are protected.

I also asked if accepting these terms was mandatory if you want to sell music on MotionArray, and they said yes.

It seems every stock music library these days is eager to empower us and maximize our earnings. :roll_eyes:

I must give credit to Envato for at least giving us the choice and let us express our concerns publicly on their own forums.
It’s more than others do, so I appreciate that.