Freelance on AudioJungle

Hello everyone! I’m a beginner here. I have a questions.
The AudioJungle has an option called “Available for freelance hire”.
About this, I can not read anywhere (Maybe I was inattentive).
I guess that means I can write specific music to order.
And this raises a number of questions.
Here is an example.
There is a buyer. He heard my track and said the following. -" I like this music. But it is too short. I want a 5 minute version. I’m willing to pay for it."
So. If I agree and write him a version for 5 minutes.
Where can I sell it? Here on the AudioJungle?
And whether to design it as a new track? Am I allowed to download a new version (separately) of that smog track?
Do I just upgrade my previous track, and add a version in 5 minutes?
I’m confused.
I will be grateful for any instructions!

Strange - I got a request yesterday to extend a track beyond the original. I shall check what the budget is and then choose to do the job or not. I personally would not upload the new version here as a courtesy to the prospective client but that’s me.

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Actually, I do not understand. I am the exclusive author on this platform. The piece of music has a melody. and she, was developed to 5 minutes. Is this a new product? How do you, for example, get money from the client? Does that mean I have the right to simply transfer the customer to an upwork profile or something? And should I then (How I sold him a new extended version of the music) delete my item here?
I’m a beginner here, understand correctly…
With best regards!


  • AJ sells sync license for usage
  • custom edits can be sold as an allowed freelance work

In other words client should buy license AND pay you for extra edits.


DO NOT delete the uploaded version on Audio Jungle. In the past I have got customers to pay me via PayPal first, funds transferred to my bank account and then sent new version to customer in that order.

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Did I understand you correctly? So first. I wrote music. The future buyer liked it and he asked to make an extended version. OK. What’s next. I’m making a version. I throw him a preview with watermarks (Until I write a version that suits him). And then I tell the buyer. - I will send you a work without watermarks, when you buy, let’s say an extended license for the audio jungle. He buys. I’m posting. (Although privately). He has a work, I’m money, everyone is happy … Somehow so? Paypal does not work to withdraw money to my state. So I think about this option…

  1. Agree price for new edit (version)
  2. Create new version
  3. Send low quality version with watermarks to customer for checking
  4. Customer sends money (via mutual merchant)
  5. Transfer funds to bank account
  6. Verify funds transferred
  7. Send customer final high quality version
  8. Big smile on face - check with mirror in bathroom
  9. Job done

Well, I still have a question about “via mutual merchant” … It would be cool if such an intermediary was the evanto market itself. Although, I’ll come up with something … But thank you very much! You saved me!

How do you transfer earnings from AJ to you? Customer can pay you through this merchant or make arrangements to do so.
If you went through AJ by including the new edits to the existing item then you cannot charge for any freelance work.

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I get my earnings through SWIFT with Evanto. My idea was that the buyer would just buy an extended license (Even when he needed a regular one). Agree with me. It is unprofitable to work as a freelancer for a standard license (when the price of the track is less than $ 100). And most often, buyers who ask to edit a track will need one of the extended licenses. The main thing is to set the price correctly, to be more precise, to guess. But these are just thoughts out loud…