New To AudioJungle and want to sell music online

Hey people,

My name is Julius and I’m new to AudioJungle.
I play/compose music as a hobby, I used to be a musician (drums and guitar, basic keyboard).
I have Ableton Live 9 with audio interface, midi keyboard, instruments etc, and love composing music.
I used to love making music to film at Tafe.
I figure if I compose music at home for fun why not make a little money whilst doing it?
Have I come to the right place/company??




Hello and welcome to the Envato Community,
the best answer to your questions is that you have to start and check by your self,
so if you have enough skill to make music whatever the quality of the equipment you got, you can earn money in any place.
“Start small, start bigger , just start” S.S

Good luck

Good luck, man! If you need help - text me

Thanks man,

I just have a few noob questions (I’m sure I could have found these elsewhere, sorry)

  1. Does it cost money to put your tracks up for sale?
  2. Do they get reviewed before they go online?
  3. Can you send track by track at your own pace? or do you need a compilation of tracks straight up to get accepted as a seller?
  4. Do you enter your bank details on your profile to get paid?
  5. Would you reccomend using multiple RF music websites (selling same tracks on different sites - given you ticked the box to sell on audiojungle and elsewhere)?




  1. It’s completely free here. When your track is approved for sale - wait the sales =) And for sale you pay the commission depends on exclusivity your account.

  2. Yes!

  3. You can upload at your own pace, but there is a limit for not elite authors - no more than 5 tracks in one review queue.
    As soon as you track is approved for sale and in the queue already are 4 tracks - you can upload one more track. Review queue length you can check here - What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?.

  4. You should point your withdrawing method - PayPal, Payoneer or SWIFT. Bank details you enter to those services.

  5. In that case you must be non-Exclusive author here and your commission will be very big. I’m exclusive author here and have a good commission.
    But you can have as an exclusive account and non-exclusive one, but you must upload different tracks there.

Hope this answers are useful for your beginning here as a new cool musician here.

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Thanks so much for that!

Very helpful :slight_smile: