Is there a chance for beginners to earning on audiojungle?

Hi, everybody! I want to know: сould a beginner or an unopened author like me make a good money on audiojungle now? Famous authors occupied a niche?

Hi, TailOff,

yes, you can earn good money here. And hey, we registered on AudioJungle in the same month of the same year. June, 2012!

Yes, you can. But you need to work very hard and create high quality music.

Hi, John! Just many authors trying to make money on envato, therefore I think what my time is lost. 32 days of review for the track, and music of famous authors in priority of buyers makes me think what all will be over soon for beginners and dudes like me :smiley:

Oh, dude. Maybe I should make music everyday now? It’s really hard(

upload, upload, upload…if not you will vanish, when I upload, my songs that are successful sell, not my most current uploaded track, but my most current uploads give my successful songs exposure and they sell only when my upload is fresh, after the upload sinks to the bottom of the search results then my sales stop…so again my advice is to upload upload upload!

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Thanks for your advice! So… If nothing else to do… then coming are TRACK’S MARATHON! :smiley:

Hey, I think the advice here is good. I’ve been uploading 2/3 tracks a week and I’m making about $200-$250 a month. I have about 50 tracks so get writing!

I create 3-6 items / per week. It’s very hard) But it is great experience.

Start now! :airplane:

Wow! It’s really impressive! If this really works, so I’ll try. Thanks for answer, dude)

This really hard! For 6 items per week I need make music everyday of every morning :smiley: I haven’t so much time( Sometimes I wondering, where people take so much free time?

Already started) :rocket:

Just work work work , there’s a lot of people who are making really good money here and they’re not proffesionals ! Work hard , and you’ll become professional in no time !
Wish you the best !

Go for it! Everything is possible with the hard work here!

Well I guess you should ask first yourself such kind of question - “What is good money for me”?

You know your earnings depends from several factors. Marketing, hardworking, general time investing, luck, competiton and lots of different factos that affects your earnings! Even Envato strategy reflects your earning here.

So, in general if you care about $ 50 - $ 100 /month you might just upload some tunes and relax.
If you want some more, then you have to deal somehow with factors described above.

Hope it makes sense.