38th hard reject.

So, in last two months I got rejected 38 times with various projects.

This one was the last one rejected. Would appreciate any feedback about what can be improved, thanks…


Thats odd… I dont know how to make such slideshows and beautiful vanille videos in after effects etc... Im mostly working on music part.
But for me this is a fine slides. And music is very well to. So…I dont know what to say…

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You should try to do something more complex. This is something that many people wouldn’t choose to use for free, never the less pay money for it. Creating something worthy for videohive takes a lot of time. You managed to do 38 projects in 2 months. You made a project in a day and a half! Look at the complexity of the videos accepted on the market.
The typography is bad and the animations are just to simple. Your product it’s not competitive on this market. Work hard and submit a new project that is more complex.

I work for 14 hours per day 7 days a week, that is why I can do 1 project in one-two days, but thanks for insult, no help from you.

Actually after getting few hard rejects myself, I literally dont know who decides on envato who gets approved or not, because when I look at the latest projects that have been accepted, some of them are ridiculously simple and have actually bad animation, thus suggesting ‘‘make it more complex’’ does not make sense, since I think whether your item is accepted or not depends on completely incompetent person, so basically just luck can help you.


You are definitely doing something wrong. Nobody is insulting you but you have to admit that 38 projects in 2 months is not the result of a complex work. I also work in AE and for me to achieve a good quality product I must work sometimes weeks. As for the “complex factor” you cannot say that a square with 3 lines of text is complex work. It lacks creativity, originality etc. You don’t need to take it so personaly, but you should try to learn from it.

Man, Sometimes I can spend a week or even a month for a project.

  1. This one is really simple with bad colors, with very bad typography.
  2. You should understand that there are toooons of such projects and probability of being rejected is huge.

If you want advise - Learn typography basics, color theory. Try to create different projects, not slideshow/titles/openers. Something more complex. Not 4 Shapes with 2 texts in a composition.

You should be more critical to yourself, not to others.

I think you firs have to learn to take criticism like something that will improve you, and not like an insult.

You ask for honest feedback from the community here in this forum…and that includes also negative comments.

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Yep, I asked for feedback and what to improve, not about how trashy this project is and how I lack creativity and don’t work hard.

In my opinion a very cool job ))):grinning: My wife is work in editing, speaks very good job :wink:

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Nobody used words like “trashy” , but your project lacks creativity. This is a fact. I also got my share of rejections and criticism in the beginning . I cannot say your project is good and the reviewer made a mistake to reject it, because it;s not true and these type of comments are not going to motivate you and make you better.

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No motivation in words like - your don’t work hard enough when you don’t know how much I spent on it. I asked for feedback on what can be done better and if possible for some curtain advice where to look. But all I got for feed back is how this is all bad and how I can’t accept criticism. Criticism must be backed up with certain words, not just “man this is just so bad”, if not this is simply insult.

You asked for feedback and they gave it to you.
They said to you: change the fonts, colors, whole typography, add more animations and fix the squares. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for translation!)

good work, but you should to spend more time with your project, just think more than work.

I have spend about one year in my last project :confused:
but I’m so happy with the results. also my customers fall in love with my product :slight_smile:

I understand what you saying, but right now I don’t have a luxury to spent much time on one project, so I need to figure a way how make it fast and good =)

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Dont fall in depress man. When i start to work on this site.And this was a five years ago... I got massive hard rejects every f*cking day.Honestly.And i can say im getting those and at now days. You can look at my latest posts if you dont believe me.My problem in those things that i cant write normal corporate pop music... Days passed and i decide - if i cant write such genres…Ok! I will be write that what i can make better.

And i can say one thing. No man here on this site will not explain you how you should make your works. You must to learn it by yourself. And dont be angry on them man. Dont. Those words… means nothing now. This is just a critics. This is just a words. Yes may be what they say is true… May be not…But not take a too close to hearttuch.
Just go on.
Good luck on your way.

P.S.:Sorry for my english. I didn`t use a translator :slight_smile:

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38 rejections?

So, there’re no way only 1 reviewer rejected them all. So, no chance of a revenge :slight_smile:

I started making templates one day and it took me 6 months to get ready for themeforest standards. When I submitted my first template to marketplaces, I dreamt about 100s of sales but what I got is a hard rejection.

But there’s nothing wrong with my template, all I did is basic template with many options. What themeforest needed is a good template even with less features. They know what sells and what doesn’t and when you browse through the top selling products, you’ll eventually realize the difference and what you are missing.

If I ask for feedback I’ll get ready for all the negative comments to hit me hard not cheers and claps. Because they are the real and unbiased opinions.

Jack O’Donnell: If we wanted applause, we would have joined the circus - Argo

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@YDirectionThemes @_Blacksmith Thank you guys, it really helps)

Bad colors, the title is not readable, this slide show doesn’t have WOW effect :persevere:
So I suggest using good references and spend much time on your work!
Make high quality product!
Good Luck, sir!

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