i got my 38s reject today. It has been 2 years, and i had not any item approved. i have"t got any motivation to continue…

But what is wrong whith this item?
i got same message “” Unfortunately this item does not meet our quality requirements and cannot be accepted at this time.""

38th hard rejection for the same item?

no, 38 different projects :frowning: sorry for my english,

Well… I had many hard rejections too and then I’ve started making projects similar to existing ones.

thanks, but i have not any idea what to improove…

There are a couple of typos in the video. Desighn (should be design) and aviable (should be available). Don’t think those would give a hard reject though. But together with how simple it is and the fact that you have some strange movements and bad spacing between the text and some objects. I guess it’s enough for a hard reject. I’m no VH author, but that’s what I reacted on.

AbnormAudio, thank you. i just see how many templates as simple as like my,but they are accepted. you said my mistakes, thank you very much, i will try to fix them

Remember to check when the templates you compare yours to are uploaded. They can be uploaded a while ago, even years ago.

But I hear what you’re saying. You need to remember it’s a saturated market. A lot of items that look very similar.

okey, i understand you. thank you very much

I was 400 hard rejected , be sure about read and understand all rules and your item quality. never give up!

Check quality items and create same items with different touches

OMG, 400. you are very strong! awesome

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