3 Templates hard rejected in a raw.. Help please..

Hello all,

From October to now, all the 3 templates I’ve created were hard rejected. :sleepy:

Rejected templates;

After you check the links, kindly go to my profile and have a look at my approved items too.

These rejected templates are better than my approved items.

It is better if you can give feedback to the 3 templates individually. I really appreciate it.

I spent more than 2 months creating these 3 templates.
It is really disappointing when 3 items get rejected in a row. :fearful: :worried:

I really appreciate your help!

Thank you in advance.
Have a nice day!

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your design logic is very nice. But what I noticed in your videos (3 videos) is that the logic proceeds the same. For example, video 3 flows right. And there is no stranger or dynamism. In general, changing the scenes in these designs, approaching them from a different angle and different animation styles increase the quality.

  1. The problem with your video is its design and colors. Insufficient animation style.

  2. Your video has a design and color issue and what I wrote about it is relevant in this video.

The 3rd video is streaming directly from the right. nothing different no transition. No different entries. There is no different design style.

Please see who got ahead with what logic when winning projects in these categories. This can give you a great insight into the topic.

Note: You shouldn’t like your previous approved projects. Because innovations increase quality. For example, I didn’t like my previous projects :slight_smile:

Sorry for my poor english


@magemotion - Thank you very much for your detailed answer.
I really appreciate it!

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That’s a real shame - I think they’re all extremely suitable for corporate use :frowning:

This market seems to strive for ‘bells and whistles’ but, in my experience, these would certainly be of interest to business owners.

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