Hard Rejection

Hi all,
I have submitted my first template and got hard rejection. I would like to learn why so I could improve my next template and pass the review process successfully.
My project is: https://kfir-animation-html-70b8a.web.app/home.html
It is a clean and simple template for motion designers who would like to present their video portfolio.

I would love to read your inputs!

With respect this is a long way off the mark.

  • the construction is not there- needs more pages, functionality, attention to detail

  • typography, hierarchy and spacing are not great

  • no proper footer

  • needs multiple portfolio/showcase/project layouts and options

  • project page sin particular need a lot of work as videos are oversized and content in too small and unstructured e.g. why not have client:, project: date: etc.

  • requires more premium value features

In regard to you rother thread How to Pass the Html Review Process?

" would like to buy a good template and reverse engineer it so I could understand the standard. Can anyone recommend me such a template?"

This is NOT a good idea if the above is where you are at currently. I guarantee you will (intentionally or not) find yourself copying and over-inspiring from the other item.

Also, if you don’t understand why successful items are created like they are and the design principles behind then them you will never develop and are likely to struggle to support your items and so on.

The best thing you can do is to work on refining your knowledge and skills ‘generally’ and then apply these to creating stock items

Thank you very much for your input. I appreciate it very much!