Hard rejection - Need to know the reasons


Greetings Everyone,

I am new to Themeforest and got my very first HTML template rejected (hard rejection). I was not given any feedback except that the template was not ready for Themeforest and that it could not be re-submitted. I am providing a demo URL below. Please go through it an provide a feedback as to what in your opinion might be the problem.

Any help will truly be appreciated.

Gaurav Sharma

Demo URL: http://dev.host-4-less.com/aequitas

Note: The codes have been W3C validated with the following result:

  • Document checking completed. No errors or warnings to show


hi , i think that u have a small problem about readability for the title. I also tend to believe that your blue color is not punchy enough and that your logo preview is not appealing enough and does give the best impression about your whole work. Maybe u need to bring a bit more originality to the table according to some people


its good template but i think it need more animate


the design was great mr @gauravgaxon, it must be the code



Hi! And thank you so much for your quick response. I truly appreciate and will keep your suggestions in mind as I work on my new template.



Hi @Theme_Smile,

Thanks a lot for your response. I just wanted to keep it simple which is why I avoided animation. But maybe you are right. Will try that in my future templates. I appreciate!



Hi @vinirama,

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked the design. Even though I have reviewed the code and did not find anything that might have resulted in the rejection (or at least, hard rejection), I think I should get someone else review the code. Who knows it might help in future. Cheers!


:wink: you are welcome :wink:


You are Welcome Mate :wink:


Overall the design looks great. Here is what I think

  • Need to work a little bit more on the typography.
  • Proper use of negative spacing, even one of my templates was rejected (fortunately it was a soft one) the reviewer insisted more on the spacing between elements and typography

Good Luck Cheers :smiley:


Hi @KenulJain ,

Thanks a ton for the feedback.

I am a bit new to this. Could you please give an idea about using the negative space in my template. I am not sure if I understand what exactly you mean by that.



Overall the concept is good . Although I have a few points …

First, the title visiblity as said by @n2n44 .I used this same style with the same stock photo . Reducing the opacity of image or having a subtle text shadow (worked for me) would help you out. Underline doesn’t seem to work well.

The icons with the development could be smaller or increase in padding will help!

The “creativity at its best PORTFOLIO” line height can be decreased a bit or creativity at its best font can have a letter spacing.

The form has rounded borders while all the above borders have no curves.

The back to top button can be placed properly!

Good Day Ahead ! :grinning:


Negative space is said to be an important concept of design theory. And for the past couple of years this has been huge in web design by the introduction of certain design languages like minimalism, etc.

  1. The section just under the main banner doesn’t seem to fit well. Look at the font-size of the text make it even smaller. Make the icons larger and reduce the lopem text while increasing the line-height this something kinda trend now.
  2. The Portfolio section’s heading area doesn’t seem to work well. Make “CREATIVITY AT ITS BEST” even smaller, reduce the text on the opposite side and make sure that both the sides have the same height.
  3. In the Testimonial section try using a little bit more spacing overall (on all the elements)
  4. Create a uniqueness and premium feeling about your project.

Good Luck :blush: