Got hard rejection just after 5 mins after uploading

I am new here

My first template got rejected.

I have uploaded a html template and i got hard rejection just 5 mins after uploading.

Here is my demo

Can someone please suggest me how can i approve this and what is my fault

Thanks in advance

In my opinion, before any other action and submission, read all the tutorials of this link carefully and patiently. Then start practicing and practicing and practicing.
good luck.

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Thanks for your reply.

Can you please tell me what is my mistake in this template?
I will be greatful to you


  • Way too much space between sections.
  • Overall very bland and empty.
  • Poor font choices.
  • Images obscure some of the text.
  • Very strange animation on the “About Us” image, which also overlaps a small portion of the text.
  • Spacing and alignment is off and inconsistent in many areas.
  • Button hover animations are too slow.
  • Strange animation on the “Portfolio” section.
  • Yellow line going through text in the “Pricing” section.
  • No consistency between effects and buttons.
  • No button in the “Portfolio” section to show all items after selecting one of the options.

Jus compared your work with the lateste submisions I think this should answer your question. This will never get accepted!


Sorry for I say you that your design is too basic

Lists for you need improvement design:

  • Colors

  • Typography

  • Too spacing

  • click hover error animation shadow

etc etc

Your need start to practicing more more more for approved themeforest but you can see for example other designs themeofrest approved for give some ideas.