Hard Rejection Again and Again

Dear All,

I am new at themeforest, I crated a single page HTML template for corona virus prevention and awareness.


I made changes in whole template more than 4 times but they rejected. Please help me to understand why my item is getting rejection.

I can see there are number of low quality design than mine. I am totally clueless at this stage. Please help me !!!

Thank you

Good concept! But I see too much spacing, alignment, and typography issues. Also, the header background doesn’t look good.


Thank you very much for the reply… could you please write few lines about spacing, alignment, and typography issues. This would be very helpful for me… :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Hello Everyone,

Please help me understanding the reason of rejection. Please please.

hi friends, i see your whole design. i think your design not complete fully unique. probably your design similar another themeforest item. line height, alignment, white space is already wrong in your design. thank you.

search youtube and see a lot of resourse for your project. thank you friend