My first theme got hard rejected, can anyone please suggest me what can be reason?

Hello everyone,
I’m new to Themeforest, it was my first template and i was confident enough to be at least soft rejected :smile: but as my luck i have got hard rejected, this is my template link :

I would appreciate your help, maybe i have missed something. I have worked before for template design, but i wasn’t author at that time, so this is the first time i am trying to sell template as author. Thank you

  • Design fundamentals need work like spacing and particularly typography

  • The general design of the site is not great and needs much more attention to detail and modernization

  • Re think the nav it really doe not do the site any favours esp. the type, too much empty space on the icons, add social links etc.

Thank you sir for reply, and sorry for delay. I am improving design and removing frame, adjusting spacing, typography. but i don’t understand second topic, what do i need to do to improve general design? and i am thinking to change navigation menu, i liked it but i show it to my friends they didn’t like it much :grin:
i will manage social icons, links. Thank you sir again :blush:

Your demo url seems to be broken