Hard Reject, i cannot imagine why

Hello my website template just got hard rejected…
Since it doesn’t give feedback :frowning: i want to ask you:
What is wrong, what can i do better?


Thank you all in advance

Your design is basic! Please don’t be sad.

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Basically, the design is too simple and sketchy. All parts are the same so they can’t give a detailed review. You should refer to other designs

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Thank you for your response!
Could you give me examples what can be done better in that particular website, so that i can get a better understanding…
And what do you mean by sketchy?
Thank you in Advance!!

Design feels quite outdated

Limited layouts esp for important elements like the menu, only one home page, no light/dark options

No features or functionality that is especially unique or couldn’t be found on thousands of other templates already available

Hi, After a hard reject, getting feedback is difficult, but you can request specific suggestions to improve the template. I’m ready to focus on enhancing areas like design, usability, performance, or content quality, depending on the template’s purpose, for resubmission.