your advice for hard rejected template

Hello great Authors,I am a new Author at themeforest and i had my first template rejected; ANY ADVICE OR COMMENT IS ACCEPTED.

I’ve found some issues in your design. You should correct the readability and color scheme.

Please change the photos. This ones are non-modern and so boring.

You should change the slider. Look at the Owl carousel for example. Make it more trendy.

Readability is bad. Change the background image and use overlay with opacity.

Best regards, Aspirity.

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Your typography is not good.

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Hi there:

Your typography, colors, please you case to @Aspirity as says you designs is errors and you practice more for approved themeforest you sell item regards.

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Hi there,

You should also validate your html code and fix all errors. It would be a good practice to fix warnings too.
Use this validator



Thanks i will improve it

Alright thank you

Okey i will use the validator.Thank you