How to Pass the Html Review Process?

I am a new developer in the community and I would like to start and uploading beautiful and rich templates to Envato marketplace but to be completely honest I am not sure what are the requirements and standards to succeeding in the task.

I have watched a lot of posts of other developers who upload responsive, animated and beautiful design templates but still got hard rejection for some reason and even after reading the reactions of other community experts I am still not sure what is the reason for rejection.

As I understand there are a few guidelines for passing the Review Process:

  1. Unique Template - create a template with a new concept that never been done before or at least with a new angle.
  2. Beautiful Design - responsive, full with animation and interesting design.
  3. Good Code Base.
  4. Premium Html - good typography, adding animations.

What are the additional requirements?

  • Is there a good post on Envato that explain the requirements(Although I feel like I read them all)? fill free to add a link.

  • I would like to buy a good template and reverse engineer it so I could understand the standard. Can any one recommend me such a template?

thanks guys!