2 songs rejected in a row, new to this, need help

Hi guys,
I am very new to audio Jungle.
I have submitted 4 songs and the 2 that have been reviewed have been rejected both with the reason that the quality is not good enough. Some advice on how to improve the quality and just some general advice on how to move forward in producing music for audio jungle so that my songs in the future are accepted.

https://soundcloud.com/benjamin-shmukler/peace-and-tranquility. Here is the link to my most recent submission that got rejected. Please help me make this into a song that will get accepted and like I said earlier share advice to make my future songs accepted and good quality.


I was just about to shut off my computer… so just gave a quick listen… the global musical idea is good, but you have to work on your sounds…

Just one example that justifies the rejection: from 1:08, you have a 100% mechanical repetition of this guitar sound, which is very irritating… and is far from the quality standard usually heard in audiojungle productions.
This “machine gun” effect can be avoided by playing with velocities…

Then, I would say that the mixing/mastering is lacking, and everything is a bit lost in the reverb.

Hope this can help…

Ok, thank you very much. Certainly does help!
Have a good night