2 items Rejected. I appreciate your wise advices!

I’m new to Videohive. I uploaded two Logo projects but sadly my items got rejected, and I really want to improve them and avoid getting hard rejection for the next time. I want to know whether the issue is the design or the way I make the project?
Please see the previews and comment what comes to your mind.
Thank you

Project one (Vein Logo Reveal)

Project two (Simple Spiral Logo Reveal) : I have seen even simpler projects being accepted.

1 - Dont kill the logo. Its not a good impression.

  • While veins looks good static camera is not. What about orbiting around the veins ?

  • Transition from veins to logo looks basic. You can work on more design related transition.

  • Background is just a solid color. This design asking for depth. Work on background needed.

2 - Design looks pretty decent but colors doesnt looks like harmonic. You can use Adobe Color web site or Google some palettes to find harmonic colors.

  • Tagline font is old fashion. You can look for some modern fonts.

  • Restricting logo with shapes is not always good idea.

  • Lighting and shading are two important things to consider in every project.

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thank you for your great recommendations.

Can I put multiple layer of veins then zoom through them to give it a 3D impression?

Can you give me an example?

Do you mean that I give shadow to the elements?

If those veins are just 2d layers adding multiple layers wont help much. You can pre render veins and camera orbit in a 3d software if you use one or you can try to emulate veins with Trapcode Particular plugin and orbit around then render it again to get desired effect.

There is no simple example for general background design. You can look for medical 3d examples and see what kind of environments they use. they are usually dark and contains lighning that gives depth to background.

Clean shadow can do. Dont forget highlights they are important too.

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