10 sales, 7 items, 7 month. Brief analysis, conclusions and questions

Hello, colleges! :handshake: Today i want to share some of my latest 7-month expierence with you and trying to analyze it a bit.

Introductory information :slightly_smiling_face::

  • Here is my portfolio we will talk about
  • I’m guitarist.
  • I had no expierence (and never tried) on mixing/mastering and arranging the songs.
  • My 1st uploaded track on AJ - is my first ever written and produced royalty free music track. It’s not the best sounding, i know =)

For the last 7 month I tried to upload my tracks to audiojungle market. For now I have 7 items (6 tracks and 1 pack) with 10 sales. I understand that uploading 1 item in a month is really not close enough to have serious sales. But for now that is just how much I can produce in a month, because I can’t do this as a full-time job. And every track takes a lot of time for me. But some analytics still confuses me.

Let’s take a closer look to my latest track:

Firsty I need to mention, that item was approved on the 11th of June with name “Stomp Clap Rock”. As you can see on screenshot, I had only 15 pageviews from 11 to 15 of June when the track was on a top position in a search. At the 16th of June i renamed the item to “Energetic Indie Rock” and had a boost on this day up to 8 pageviews and after that maximum 1 pageview in a day. So I had 15 pageviews in 4 days with first name and 16 pageviews in 2 weeks with the second name. My thought was that “indie rock” is a most powerful inquiry in rock category, so track will have more pageviews and apportunities to sell. Quite didn’t work :grinning:

Also i need to mention, that i promote my tracks in a several additional ways, where i have a referal links.

1. My Instagram profile with 7k subs (but not really targeted to royaty free music) where I made a post with this track and it has 500 views, 210 likes and was bookmarked 12 times. (without a screenshot, sorry, cause I have an app in russian)

2. YouTube channel with around 600 subs (but not realy targeted too) where I posted a promo-video with this track. It have 190 views for now, but we need to focus on certain statistics here:

That means, that at least 27% of views are organic views from people interested in royalte free music.

3. Soundcloud account. I have 3 plays for this particular song and below you can see all my tracks plays.

All this information, especially from soundcloud makes next picture more interesting. That’s amazing, that 3 soundcloud plays gave me 2 referal pageviews!

I understand, that I don’t promote my tracks on this platforms like a real certain product and it’s very random chance to meet someone who need a royalty music track right here right now. But will it worth it if I will do this?

I really believe that the track above is not the worst one and can get any sales, but I have a strong feeling that I name my tracks not properly. If you have a good product and people don’t buy it, that means that may be you are showing it to wrong people. But how to find where the right people are?

All of my tracks had the same problem, i guess. I know that a lot of authors are solving this problem by writing as much tracks as possible. But I believe that it might be a marketing problem as well. For me every track is an amount of time, so would be great to have some feedback to stay motivated for future works. When I’m trying to overthink this, how it’s complicated and incomprehensible i just want to lie down on the floor and cry :smiley::smiley: (it’s a joke, relax friends)

I will keep going on AJ and now I’m waiting my first corporate track for approval. I understand, that my production is far from the best as much as my tracks might be, i’ve just started anyway.
That was just my mediate analysis and an attempt to understand how everything is going on a market.

Thanks to everyone who read this article and will reply on this theme, any thoughts are helpful! :facepunch:


You are very tidy and your social media looks great too. Here in AJ, quantity, quality, timing and good luck are all very important issues, and unfortunately we don’t control them all. So I would recommend uploading more tracks, learn the skills you are lacking (mixing or whatever you think you can improve) and keep your social media going.

I believe your post will be very useful for newcomers .
Good luck!


quantity, quality, timing and good luck

One thousand times yes to this words!
The 1st thing i will try - is to do more and more items, improving the qiality (omg it’s so easy to say, but no so easy to do :grinning:)

Thanks for your response!


Keep in mind, the analysis page is not that accurate. I suspect it counts your edit page views and even the analysis page views which are done only by you. Also, the preview play on search page will not be counted.

Just keep composing. I’m creating music as a hobby and had a little more time the last few weeks so I uploaded many items. As a result, the last two months I made more than half as many sales as I did the whole last year.


Yes I suspect that too, someone can confirm that or not ?

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I have tested this. Opened edit and analysis pages only on many items on one particular day. Either the buyers viewed every item on that one day by coincidence or the algorithm counts edit and analysis page views (checked the analysis page a few days later).

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Hm, i guess that the “uniqe pageviews” is correct statistics, it should not includ everything from my IP etc. But yes, i suppose we can not really see how much preview plays item has on search page, so that’s really can’t be 100% accurate. Anyway, that’s the only stats we can analyse))

What about naming/renaming items? Is it important (of couse yes), but how to understant is it correct name or not…

Thanks for your response!

Renaming is super important. I noticed on a track called “Happy Day” I had 0 sales. Renamed it “Piano Happy” -> 5 sales in less than a week. I guess you need to be descriptive and general at the same time. Maybe start with a more general title like “Happiness” describing the basic mood and when it sinks down in the result page get more specific by adding more information “Happy Piano” and if that also is no longer get visible “Happy Piano and Pizzicato Strings” gets the buyer who knows exactly what he is searching for.


That sounds logical at least at some occastions, thank you… Guess, i’ll try to do something similiar with names

Thanks for sharing this with us.
I have similar feelings, except I don’t promote at all on social media (yet).
I never checked my statistic… until now, thanks to your thread. I noticed that some of my items have… 1view!! so no doubt they don’t sell…

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1 view is probably because of a wrong naming, but it’s really hard to understand what is your track for and how it could be named here on a market…

p.s. you have a great beats!:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your response!

Hi, soundBro and thanks for your thread :slightly_smiling_face:
I think some Envato members should tell us how exactly statistics work, but I always hoped that it counts plays from the search page, because I think it is the majority of plays on AJ in general, and it would be very unreasonable not to count them. I think people seldomly go to the item page, and I think sometimes they can even buy straight from the search page after listening to the track, so it would be weird if it is not counted by statistics.

And about naming - yes, it is a very interesting topic. I’m here on AJ 2 years already and this is still a mystery theme for me: which names work well and which don’t and why. If someone has any deeper thoughts on this topic it would be great to read them.


Hello, thanks for your response!
It would be really cool to get any truthful information about plays/pageviews stats. If you are saying, that even plays from the search page counts, then I have near 0% chance to sell the track since it has only 1 play in a day. And it’s really wierd, because AJ have so much clients. But i understood your thought, it would be really strange to NOT count the search page plays since the majority of plays are from there anyway.
So. we have 2 probable problems: 1) Totally wrong item name and noone searchs such key words, or 2) We don’t understand really what stats are showing to us and can’t make a conlcusions based on it (then why we have it at all?) :sweat_smile:


So. we have 2 probable problems: 1) Totally wrong item name and noone searchs such key words, or 2) We don’t understand really what stats are showing to us and can’t make a conlcusions based on it (then why we have it at all?)

=> No, it’s not your problem.

If we have problem, there are 2 case to think about it. First, you do thing wrong. Second, you do the wrong thing.

And here at envato marketer, the chance to make good money for new comer is become nearly zero.

You are newbie so you don’t know what happen here. I’m a full-time author here for almost 6 years and I have to say that market now is being full of author and less buyer.

The problem if you want to know is that the traffic now is very very slow. compare to 6 year ago, it’s a big different. For example my item 5-6 year ago could get 10k view of total, now It can only have 1-2k view. It’s themeforest. ẠJ is less customer than TF

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Thanks for your reply! I understand what you are saying, maybe problem is in items firstly. I don’t know if situation on Themeforest and AJ is similiar with naming and pageviews…Maybe on TM the stats are more relevant, because you can’t take a look at the theme without visitingg it’s page. And I hope that the probem with less and less customers is not systematic on envato, another way what the hell I suppose to do in my life :grinning:

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Hi there, Spiros here!

I know that this is an old topic , but it’s very useful for starters like me.

Thanks for all the info you share!