1 Star rating..... in a motion graphic clip...... are you kidding me ????

I just got 1 star rating from a guy…because he is not able to import the clip in Premier.

The fact that the clip has enough sales and 5 star ratings doesnt say nothing to him.

I think that support has to do something with clients like this…

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I have the same situation. 1 star, because buyer doesn’t know how to use After Effects program. Whaaat? It’s not my fault. All my projects included detaile video tutorials (from open to render). Other buyers gave my 5 stars. No one complained before that. I kindly offered to help the buyer with the project’s customization (usually I do it free of charge), but he did not answer. It looks like it’s a fake profile. It would be nice if the Envato support team will find out it?

I understand… the good news is that the client just contact me and
told me that he rate under frustration…so i think that we will find a
solution and he will take out the rate ( ofcours the problem with rating is
always a big issue )

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