Got My First 1 Star Rating Today, I'm Happy!!

Hey guys,
Just got my first 1 star rating on one of my item today

No hard feeling at all, just curious why a buyer bought a track without downloading the preview file first :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody experienced the same thing? :smile:


If you are happy with 1 star then how are you feeling with a 5 star rating :slight_smile:

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LOL it’s sarcasm, surely I’m not happy but just go easy with it :stuck_out_tongue:
Already got 40 5 stars ratings, but another 5 stars will still make me smile :slight_smile:

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Yeah I got 1 star because the item didn’t contain the After Effects project file… when it’s a motion graphics item (video file), doesn’t say that it includes the After Effects file anywhere in the description, and it’s impossible to tell whether it was even created in After Effects or not.


There is no bad publicity, the comment is priceless…let there be a challenge for all the past and future buyers to proove this buyer wrong and show that the song does work. :slight_smile:


What a wonderful world we live in.

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I know man. I was just making fun of the situation, I hate 1 stars as well and 100% it is not worth it… well I hope this 1 star rating is the worst thing in your life :slight_smile:


Never had a 1 Star rating, but I’ve had a couple of 3-star ratings. The rating system feels redundant since clients can download a preview and test run it on their project. It either works, or it doesn’t, so all ratings should be a 5-star or a 1-star, right ?


Ask support to remove this abusive rating. As the preview is available before buying and there is nothing hidden with music item, this comment and rating make no sense. This is just meant to hurt you and shouldn’t be allowed. Did the buyer reach out to you before giving you the bad rating? Have you tried contacting them?


Another customer that didn’t know what they bought :smile:

I haven’t reported it because they didn’t ask for refund or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I think allowing star ratings for audio items is silly in the first place. If they can download a full preview with a minimally invasive watermark, they should rate themselves 1 star for not selecting the right music.


Artificially are understate your rating

We should all agree to use these as our replies :slight_smile: