a Customer gave me a BAD REVIEW and LOW RATING??

Hello, I recently helped a customer with a purchase on videohive. They contacted me before purchasing the template, I answered all the questions and was honest enough to even explain them that what the template cannot do. After the purchase they had more questions regarding how to use it and I was answering them as quickly as I could (in minutes!) After solving their doubts they start asking me things on After Effects like Time Remapping, Drop Shadow and Effects that I told them were not part of the template. When I had answered all their questions I asked them to give me a 5 star rating and they did but after telling them that I cannot help them anymore since time remapping and drop shadows to achieve a certain look would take a lot of time and would be difficult to explain on email they gave me a bad review and a very low rating. I have the full Email chat with me and I believe I have done nothing wrong here and I have been respectful with the client. Please help me.

videohive: Alpha Titles


No need to worry about that! if you are legal then that review will removed from there

Just Open a Envato Author Support Ticket
They would like to assist you

Envato Forum People Can’t Do Anything About That.
You must have to contact with envato customer success.


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Thank you so much for the reply. Yes! I have done that and let’s see what happens. I even sent them the email chats list. Hopefully the review will be removed. I’ll do an update when I get any new news.

I told you that if your are rights on your position and the purchase illegal then review will removed
No worry.
let us know update if you want.

The review was removed :slight_smile: Thank you for the support! :smiley:

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