Strange clients' reviews and ratings

Hello everyone!

Did anyone else faced the strange situation? We got two “One star” ratings within one day for (quote) “Why pay for the Installation if you already paid for the Download? Hidden costs, makes me mad.” and (quote) “only 6 month support? It is shameful…”. As far as we know, this is not our fault, we don’t charge for theme installation (as far as I know this is the Envato Studio service) and we do not limit support time, it’s up to Envato rules.
Is there anything we should do to get these reviews removed? Would be great to hear something from Envato team as well.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
DFD team.

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Can’t you reply to the rating and explain?
Or ask if there is something you can do? I thought we were able to reply to ratings now (though I have still not seen the option for any of my recent ratings).

We actually did but no reply.


It is a shame envato doesn’t protect us from these abusive ratings. Unfortunately, envato support hasn’t helped me yet and always says these type of comment are within our Community guidelines. Anyhow, I hope you will have a better success with the support.


Its only going to get worse too. The 1st of march (when many folks’s support runs out) is going to be bad! And we all know envato will do absolutely NOTHING to protect us so we are all going to have our ratings hammered because of something we have NO say in.

Ah well, at least we have a nice new video service to play with.


That’s quiet strange to get such kind of reviews and receive 1 star ratings for such kind of things. And it looks like madness for the last week (almost all of the strange reviews we got came this week).
We have just submited the support requests about removing those rating. Looking forward to the Envato support reply.

Envato support doesn’t help in rating issues. Last year, after buying three packaging products from us, a client realized that what she purchased weren’t mock-ups but layouts for printing, products clearly in the packaging category. After a lot of not very nice messages from her we got 1 star and a negative review on every product. In the review she lies saying that our products are fake and the package does not contain the elements in the presentation.

We contacted the support but all we got back was a big fat nothing, just kind words on how they are working on making the review system better.
The worst part was " they can’t remove the ratings because it’s all about the buyer experience"

This means that as author, your experience doesn’t matter.

It has been 1 year since the incident and no changes in the review system.
So, good luck with Envato NONSuport


if u ask and many others, this rating system is making no sense at all anyway … as u cannot guaranty of the good faith of people who are buying (when some do not read what they buy and complain, a lot of guys have been through this kind of thing indeed), thus this is not the true reflection of the proficiency of an author and the quality of his / her items, sometimes that’s kind of of a wheel for fortune … there are all kinds of strange things happening and many authors complain about it as it can be pretty unfair sometimes. IN addition, if it can be considered as an “indicator”, this is also completely underrating the true value of an author as we know that people who are more limey to come and vote is those who for some reasons have somethign negative to say, when most of the satisfied customers move on, do their things and in most cases do not take the required time to get to rate items that they have bought …

lol i think that replying is of no help at all if somethign lie this happens to u. In the very best cases, people do pressurize u to get a job done when u are supposed not to do and u are not even sure that they will give back a normal rate all the same, as a guy mentioned once, he helped for free and got no reward and had to keep the bad review all the same, which is making no sense at all no matter what we consider …

Envato should change their “the client is always first” policy if they want to have authors in the future. It seems that more and more good designers are starting to look for other platforms on witch to sell their work.

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Some people just want to see the world burn!

From what I’ve could see, rarely buyers decision are affected by ratings, however indeed I agree and I am sure Envato listens and tries to sort out this issue (ie. expected bad ratings when support expires)

lol if you know some please let me know because apart from the main “rival” there’s not much selling anything … so not any competition for them anyway and not a decent option for authors … but, as u do, i wish authors opinions and desires could be more taken into account

well , i wish i could be as optimistic as u are , but we regularly see here that some guys have problem about this system and cannot have the bad and unfair ratings changed or cancelled …