Are you Serious ? 1 star Rating for not included audio design in Logo Reveal.

This guy make my day…
Its so sad that you trying to make good flexible animation and you spend many hours to make them perfect.
You really smile to this people in video tutorial and suggest them that if you like this animation you should click 5 stars at download menu. Because its really helping to the artis with good looking portfolio.

Is there something that I can do with that ?
Its just not fair.

It’s not fair at all.
However, sometimes, buyers “hop” from one marketplace to the other without any clue of what to expect when buying content.

Here’s an idea, attach that exact screenshot to the item page or to your profile page.
Let the buyers see where that negative review came from.

Take it to support. For this case, they should agree to delete the 1-star review.

Maybe if you point out that link to audio was indeed included in the description, buyer would realize they just had not paid attention, and would remove their bad rating themselves.

To be fair, you didn’t mention in description that sound is not included. You provided links to the sounds used in preview, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that sounds are not included.

Better state clearly: Sound is not included.

Hi, Creattive
Maybe you’re right I thought it is obvious but as we can see for new buyers can be not clear.

I remember one funny story about Client and Film editor.
Client replay for final edit version:
We like the film but why did you deleted the chorus in the song that sing “audio jungle” ?

I think it’s better to email the support team, I’m pretty sure they can fix that bad rating.
I heard some stories about client that like the music with audiojungle preview loops, I think we could make some remix for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think that i know whats the point…
Aduio design nr 1 is no longer at audiojungle
What to do now ?!

To be honest? Envato don’t care about your, mine and all others 1 star reviews.

I had 1 star because don’t provide support after many e-mail send by my client to me… Do you want to know where he sent e-mail? To: :slight_smile:


buyer send me a mesage: "i want my money back but i cant find a posibility to rufund, can you help me?"
than i asked why he wants to refund. he said that he has not After Effects

we must be prepared to everything))

i’ve rendered a video for him. he was glad. but no stars for me