zip does not contain valid theme: missing template "layout/theme.liquid"

I bought the theme

When loading the zip file to Shopify I get the message (zip does not contain a valid theme: missinging “layout/theme.liquid” and will not upload.

how do I fix this so I can use the product I bought?

thank you

Unzip package you downloaded from TF and you will find another .zip in it, which should be called like your Install that .zip file instead

thank you for your response… perhaps it is more about not know how to do what you asked

here is a screen shot of it

when I click on it , it shows this.

when I click on it it does this and so on

I don’t see another zip file as you suggested. my Shopify admin does not respond to any of these files

What is insight the ‘source’ folder?

hear is what is in source folder

What’s inside of “minim_home1”? Can you try to install that one for instance?

Hi @neospace10,

Still no luck! The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author.
Contact Author and let them know.


Thank you. I did, and there is no response, which is odd. I am not sure how this “paid 6 months of support” works. I loaded all of the zip files ( I think) that where as you folks say in a file that was in a file of the original zip. So it loaded ( thank you everyone)

  • But I don’t know if I actually have the whole theme loaded because it is barren with no style and only block for me to design ( which seems off because the style was what I thought I was paying for)
    It is as if I need a video tutorial on how to use their Theme or design it

the reason I bought this Theme to start with was because supposably you can run AR on it, so customers can place the furniture I make in their home via AR.

Does anyone know about this stuff or have a link to a how to AR?
this is beyond just getting the knowledge of the Having the Theme work. Quite the Rabbit hole to navigate.

Check documentation if there’s any additional information, if that doesn’t help as well, with no respond from the author, you could request refund.

what is the “documentation”? I don’t see any… or don’t know where to look. Can you be more specific of what “documentation” is, please

Check “Guides” folder

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Holy smoke thank you… yep that is where it is