YouTube Knowledge and "Subscribe4Subscribe"

Hey folks!

First of all, Happy New Year for everyone :tada::tada:

I found some topics about YT promotion, but since they are not developing into anything new neither informative I decided to start a new thread.

I’m new to AudioJungle and still discovering things about the community and the promotion (by the way check out my profile ).

As I know, there are many great AJ Authors who make a lot of success on YouTube (and I’m sure convert views into purchases) and I think it would be excellent to know facts about their experience and maybe even some “tips-and-tricks” to become successful on YT.

@OlexandrIgnatov @MorningLightMusic @AudioTrend @E-soundtrax @AudioPizza @bdProductions @AurusAudio @pinkzebra
These are just the few great authors who I always check and follow on AJ and social media. Please show up guys! I’m sure the AJ Community would love to hear from you on the subject!

What are the ways of promoting the tracks on YouTube? How do you get those views? How do you get people to interact with the videos? How do you convert the views into sales?

These are very important topics in todays reality so let’s learn together and do our best :slight_smile:

And for the “Subscribe4Subscribe” part of the thread here are my newest videos and let’s begin sharing likes, comments, follows and build an even stronger community inside and outside AJ and support each other :muscle::muscle:



Good luck with your promotion! It’s really difficult side. I even would say “promotion and SEO is a science” at least for me.

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Take a course on YouTube promotion. There is so much stuff and details about that platform and you should know them in order to use them.

Learn how it works and how to gain visibility there. It’ll be a more all rounded solution for you than asking for advice on forums :wink:

And promoting music is actually not that different from promoting any other video content. Make a cool video, be sure to put your referral links there and then just drive traffic, that’s basically it.


Thanks for the answer! It’s always nice to hear from people who are really making it on a high level :slight_smile: