Third party YouTube channel's promotion?

Hello Everybody!

I am still new to stock music licensing,
but a few days ago I got a message from somebody that would promote some of my music on YouTube,
and he/she says that I still can sell my music on AudioJungle but only the YouTube revenue for that song is going to go to his/her channel, or something like that, it was not 100% clear to me yet…
(I don’t want to put the exact YouTube channel name here, simply because I don’t want to hurt other people’s business, and also I am still not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing what they are doing…)

Well, I don’t think I’m good enough yet, but I also don’t know anything about “third party YouTube channel promotion” (I just call it that for now, I don’t know if there is a correct term for this).

Do you have any experience with this “third party promoting your music” type of thing?
Or are you more of a “self-promoting-all-my-stuff” type of person?

Thank you for your opinions and help!

Everybody have a great (and healthy) day!

(PS. I put this topic in the “tips-and-tricks” topic-tag, because I couldn’t find better one from the “optional tags”-list)

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Hi! Good question! I’m also quite new here, but based on my previous experience with youtube and after reading about some other authors’ experience, I came to the conclusion that it makes sense to register your music with Identifyy or Adrev straight away - to protect yourself and your future clients from any unfair practices (like other people registering your music for Youtube content ID so your clients can’t clear the copyright…) I might be wrong (please correct me if I am!!!) and too paranoid, but if you have a gut feeling that something is wrong with that “promotion offer”, it most likely is. Cheers! Stay safe and good luck with your music!

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Hello! :slight_smile: Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t checked the AudioJungle forum nowadays.

Thank you for your thoughts, actually I had similar opinion, I just wanted to hear/read other people’s opinion too about this topic, because well, information even if it’s not certain can be really useful to make decisions. I decided not to make a deal with that guy (or girl?), but I told him (or her?) that keep in touch and we can get back to this a later because I am busy nowadays or something like that type of reasoning :slight_smile: Thank you for the Identifyy tip, I saw that website about 2 weeks ago, before that I didn’t even know it was a thing, so I think I will register my music with that. Also I read just a few days ago a few bigger authors’ music description in which they tell customers why they are registering all of their audioJungle songs now with Identifyy because it’s safe for them (the composers) but also safe for the customers, because if there is some problem with YouTube for some reason than the owners (the composers) can clear any kind of YouTube claim the customers might experience, but this wouldn’t likely to happen if somebody else (I mean somebody other then the composer him-/herself) registers songs. That sounds messed up, and now I can see why the best way to avoid it is just to register the songs immediately with this Identifyy thing, so thanks again for your tip! Highly appreciated, especially as me being a newcomer to this stock music licensing thing. Have a great (and healthy!) day! :slight_smile:

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Hi! Absolutely no problem :blush: and thank you for sharing your feedback and thoughts! Yeah, I know how frustrating it is… trying to find all the possible information and make the right decision… Always a pleasure to help… And once you have your tracks registered and at some point get more info / feedback on that promotion thing (whether it works, etc…) you can always get back to them :blush:

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Does this actually happen a lot? How can it be so easy to claim ownership on other peoples work?