How do you promote your music?

I really need advice! Soundcloud and YouTube do not particularly help in the promotion of my music, and I spent a lot of time on it. Thank you for any advice)

Hi TailOff! I had a quick listen, really nice metal stuff! Not that metal sells heaps here on AJ but that’s clearly your niche.

Promotion is hard! I had a look at your Youtube page and you only have 7 videos? And only 7 subscribers? The most recent is 5 months old? You say you spent a lot of time on it but I think you need to spend more! I have 102 videos on Youtube and I’m just getting started!

Also, uploading to YT and SC is never enough, you need to create appealing thumbnails, videos, playlists, invite people to view and like, get people to add your tracks to their playlists, etc. Also, in the words of the extremely ambitious @OlexandrIgnatov (take a look at what he is doing because it clearly works) - you need to be visible to your specific buyer group. Find out where on the web they are likely to hang, and make an impression! Make a clear offer, try to define your positioning on the market and why people should license YOUR tracks and no one else’s.



Thank you very much for your answer, my friend! You gave me the confidence and the understanding that I have to work harder, if I want to move forward in this matter! Yeah … :smile: my channel on YouTube! One inconvenient happened: I said that I done a lot of work and I have 7 of the video :smile: . I have another channel where dusts 23 videos.) But anyway, thank you, I understand that this is very little to advance. I will continue to work harder! :wink:

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