YouTube Channel that Resells our After Effects Templates 2

I just saw you admins close this topic below…Sorry for my words, but it is stupidity…
Someone resell our templates for free ( I see a few my templates) He ( or she) obviously has envato elements subscription and just resell it…And , you (ADMINS) , you close that topic …Ok , you could remove link of youtube chanell. Not lock topic!!!..I very rarely write on this forum but this one closed topic really pissed me off…You don’t do anything to prevent this from happening and you still close the topics where we can at least point out the problem, justifying it with forum policy…Cmon…Now YOu can close and this one.ENVATOOO!!!

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I apologize to the administrators that I really did not comply and put a link to this channel! I didn’t do it with evil intent.
Youtube deleted my template from this channel.

Hey UglyduckBG…yYou didn’t do anything wrong and there’s no need to apologize. Yes, you made a mistake in the sense that you posted a link to that pirated YouTube channel that resells the templates of our authors from Videohive.The administrator could only remove that link, and not delete the complete post. I saw that right at the moment when it was deleted by him, and it annoyed me.THAT is a big problem against which we can do almost nothing. Someone buys an envato elements subscription and simply resells our works. Instead of that post being left (and the link deleted), the entire post was deleted. We can at least discuss here what is going on and what we can do about it…Then I get the impression that the administrators and Envato don’t care about it at all, they only care about the rules on our forum. They ignore the essence of the problem. I was very angry when I saw it.
I hope that something like this will not happen again, or we will all simply turn our heads away from the problem. WE, as authors, expect from Envato some help, advice, protection or at least comforting words, and not the deletion of content that indicates a problem to us.
Thank you

I wont paste any link in here but if you go to Etsy… they are selling ALL of our packs there at half the price and Etsy (or Envato for that matter) are doing f… all about it. And according to their sales counters they are selling a LOT more on Etsy than we are selling here on Envato.

I will tell you something I learned years ago after I found my and other authors works on pirate websites.

  1. The day you offered your work online is the day it is going to be stolen.
  2. The day you took down one thief is the day when three new will appear.
  3. Money you spent to chase piracy are wasted in the same second.

If you want to save your money, time and mental health → learn to ignore this problem → or → you can ignore my advice and learn same lessons by yourself (wasting your money, time and mental health).

Parasites are common in nature.


Peak Star…I understand that completely.And unfortunately, you are right…I’ve been finding almost all my works on pirate sites for years…And guess what…I came to terms with it a long time ago…You are absolutely right when you say that fighting against it is just a waste of time and money.
They are all free to download on those sites. I didn’t pay much attention to it. But this is something different… Someone just took the projects and made money from them. Do you understand the difference? And then the deletion of that post by the administrator really upset me… Now everything is ok. I calmed down :slight_smile: I simply expected a different reaction from them than just literally deleting the post, due to “violation of forum rules” completely ignoring the essence. But okay .Let’s move on.

Everyone who offers your work - even for free - is making money with this. Free works = website traffic, website traffic = money (ads etc.). They don’t have to sale these works directly.

I am not telling you to ignore everything - if you believe you can increase your earnings by taking down one thief then you should do this - no doubt.

I’m just afraid this is a Sisyphean work - this will change with the entry of authentication of authenticity in the blockchain (inimitable method) - but we have to wait for this few years.