Youtube and Regular License use, Please Help!

Posted this on another posters link but figured rather start my own. I am trying to understand some of the applications of Regular license.
So I am curious to how liscences work. I run a youtube channel and I wanted to use music from here. I bought a track Fire for 14 dollars and it said I can use it for a single website. I am a private reviewer and I don’t make much money, but its great to have background music for my reviews. I just want to make sure they don’t require me to buy a song everytime I want to use it for every video, though its all used on the same channel/website and only by me.

I believe what you’re looking for is an extended license:

hope that helps!

Hmm not really, I have read that page and I am still confused by its clarification. Both say a single application which is for my youtube site. Both are extremely vague and are similar in nature in that listed posting. - Or perhaps I don’t understand and that’s why I am asking for clarification.
I am the only one using these tracks for content to be viewed NEVER sold.

For a little guy like me, buying a 70 dollar track is a little out of the question.

Hi Psylacus, both extended license and regular license states that usage is limited to one application.

I think you need to use your own judgement when understanding the licensing terms. According to me, if you are making different review videos about different products then it would mean a different application each time. So it means another regular license for each video.

But for a logo it might be different becasue a logo created for one brand means a single application and you should be able to include it in the beginning of all your videos with a single regular license.

If these terms are not viable for your business, then i think you need to get a custom track for your project.

But i might be wrong, so you better use your own judgement or ask a person who understands legal stuff.

Is your youtube channel hosting a podcast series? If that is the case, you should be OK with the regular license - I was just looking at letter “G” under extended licenses to make my case for you getting an extended license. I may be misunderstanding the terminology however… But if you look at license usage examples (link on the same page) it would seem you’d be okay if you use the file over and over as long as it’s within a freely downloadable series.

Still a lot of grey area. I just don’t want to be stealing from people hard earned work, but at the same time I can’t afford to paying 14 dollars for a video I don’t make much if any money off in the first place. So I guess it boils down to, either its ok to use the songs I purchase in general video’s. I am not a corporate entity, just looking to give people are good show and some knowledge.

Hopefully someone will get back to me that understands this legal stuff.

From the article on our wiki -> AudioJungle: Regular and Extended License Usage Examples -

The Regular License could be used for any of the following:

-Single free online video such as a free tutorial, animation, cartoon or YouTube™ video.

I don’t know is it good for you or no,but maybe You can find someone to make song just for you.It will be like freelance work:) If it’s not against rules,you can send me e-mail.But only if some rock music track will be good for you.I don’t make other genres of music:)

Thanks for the info, I will discontinue use of the tracks then immediately . Thanks for the input, going to try and see if I can find some other way to get some music.
One time usage is an ouch.

Hey Psylacus, look at <a=Bargain Basement> Extended License only 15$.

-.- … so what? Yes, No, Yes, No… every thread gives another answer to that question. May I use ONE track, which I bought for 14$ in EVERY video, that I publish on my OWN youtube-channel or not? :slight_smile: Sorry, guys, that is really confusing - just because everyone tells here another story. I was reading every thread about it and still confused. Yes, No, Yes, Sure, No, not at all, of course, of course not… -.-

Why are some lines from me crossed out???


If you are making a tutorial or a show on youtube or vimeo, and it will have te same format for a large number of videos (example: an instructional series, review channel, sketch comedy series, etc)

I’ll post bellow answers form ENVATO STAFF to questions regarding regular license use for a show on youtube that will use the same intro exported from an after effects project, music for that intro, transitions, background music and 3D elements in several (more than 20 videos):

"Hello Armando,

Thank you for your message to Envato support. If your video series is going to be displayed on Youtube, you are only required to purchase a Regular License. This is true for any category of files for sale on our marketplace. If you consider all 10 of your videos to belong to 1 series, then only 1 license is necessary"

What about Vimeo? do I need to purchase additional regular license for the same files I use on my show on youtube?

“The license applies to the videos themselves. Each unique project would need its own license regardless of where the project is displayed. So, an additional license would not be required for videos displayed on another platform.”

I hope this will be usefull to my fellow youtubers thinking about creating a series without having to pay prohibitely expensive licenses and being able to remain legal by paying reasonable fees to ENVATO.

Take Care!

Both regular and extended licenses are limited to a SINGLE project. Extended license projects can be sold, while regular license projects cannot. The keyword here is SERIES.
A series is defined as a sequence of related items in succession that share a common topic. For example Lord of The Rings would be considered a series, but other Warner bros films of the same genre don’t belong to this series. Therefore, "an instructional series, review channel, sketch comedy series, etc"
do not automatically imply a single application only because they have the same nature or the same source, as Armando is trying to suggest here. For example if you make a review series about video editing software, where the first episode is dedicated to Premiere, second to Avid, third to Windows Movie Maker and so on, it’s okay to use one track for all episodes. But, you can’t switch to reviewing different kinds of headphones and use the same track.

So back to the question:

May I use ONE track, which I bought for 14$ in EVERY video, that I publish on my OWN youtube-channel or not?

The answer is: You can’t, not for $14 neither for $70, unless EVERY video that you publish on your OWN youtube-channel belongs to the same single series.