you're currently locked out of your account




yesterday i’ve tryed to order a theme,
after adding paiement info and click submit my account has been locked.

i’ve sen an e-mail by the ticket service and my account has been unlocked,
so today i tryed again to make my order, and my account has been locked again… !

I’ve replyed to the ticket this morning, but now i dont have any anwsear.
i need to order this theme and to start working on it, so its begin to be really urgent !

how can i do to have clear answear on whats happening, and how to order this theme without having my account locked ?

its a visa paiement, and visa card is clean from our company.

best regards


I have exactly the same problem! I get the message ‘Locked out of your account’ and I just purchased a ticket. Also send a email to the help team and I’m already waiting for three hours…

Please unlock my account so I can use the theme today. Hopefully Envato can help me out.

Best regards