Your opinion before uploading

Hello please give your opinion before uploading

and this one as well

both are fine if u ask me

I like both flyers. The only issue I see is that there are too many models the customers have to replace. Could be a problem in buying decision.


Thank you man always the faster reply comes up from you

there are too many Authors used too many models in one flyer I could show you

before I will upload I will show here the last versions I still working on them

yes of course … this does not necessarily mean that would be good for your sales all the same… because let’s face it the cost of the flyer skyrockets so that they can get what they have in the preview, I assume u can understand just this and that , as a matter fo fact, @DesignSomething made a really legitimate point

I like the final match flyer But beware of the team logos.
I think you can get a soft rejection for this.
And i agree with Design something and N2n44 that there are too much models have to be replace, this can be an issue.
But good job.

For the Hunt remove the front/little footballer ( it looks unfinished ) and it is fine.

hey my friend, I would rather give it something special, some light effect surrounding him or something like this so that the flyer gets to the next level, I am personally afraid that taking the guy out will rather flatten the item considerably more than any other thing, actually …

Thanks for your feedback and this is my last version of the flyer I will upload now


Thank you

one got approved and the other one got rejected I wish if I know why !!