Please give me your feedback before uploading

Hello guys please I want feedback on my flyer before uploading because the message of hard rejected it makes me want to throw myself from the window

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This is the final version waiting for your feedback guys

hi buddy sorry to hear that u had the item rejected though to be honest, u are a very good designer and I think that this one is far from being your best in my view. the fact of the matter is that this keeps rather simple and globally the composition looks a bit artificial in this case … the lighting looks artificial here if u ask me. By seeing where the light is supposed to com from u can define what part of guys, the stadium and so on should be dodged and most importantly burned in this case. I would also personally expect that the guys in front of the main titles actually generate some shadow on top of “match”. Team is almost unreadable unless u break your neck out of bending the head lol and if the positioning of the footer looks cool this is also getting u into trouble out of making it difficult for u to keep the hierarchy and aligning everything at the same time …which creates a misbalance as far as the footer goes

Got approved already and thank for your feedback

oh ok I thought it had been rejected … good for u :slight_smile: