Your opinion before uploading

Hello guys please check my flyer before uploading

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Nice one. I like it

Thank you

This is the last update I’ve made

I got soft rejected and I got this message can anyone explain to me this because I don’t understand what he meant exactly

  1. Promotion and/or linking to competing marketplaces in your item .zip, previews, or descriptions is prohibited. Please remove the links from Shutterstock. For more details, please see this article:

Really don’t know, i see no links on this flyer.
The only error i noticed is that on top says Pro Football league but it is a basketball flyer.

I guess he meant to delete model link from the documentation or help file which is i already did and i resubmitted for preview again

as I told now it got approved

yeah this is up for w while now u are not even supposed to use the concerned model as for I know … but at I assume at the very least u should not give the link

really? lol I see another one, this is written nil under the guy when this is the name of the football league and this is a basketball flyer … a small mistake also is that u have the name of the city and franchise for NY and just the name of the city for salt lake and there is a misspelling too