Is it going to get approval ?

Hello guys,
What do you think about it I’ve made three different color for customers to choose between

hi, if u ask me, this is far from being your best work, this is original, for sure, but this is not visually as good as most of the item that u create, almost all of what u have showed here are better looking visually speaking than this one. Lots of texts are really not popping out and are not this easy to read, including essential one , not to mention that I am not sure that the stock picture that u are using - with the guy stopping the other one - is still allowed as regard o the new policy. Finally , the organization is really anarchical and eyes easily get lost in the process of trying to find the information

Graphic designers have no limits if you will go with same design concept all the time that means you will know that this is my design from thumbnail picture I believe that designers should not go through the same concept every time they make design I like always to go out of the box but in any case I appreciate your comment

LOL well if u think so u should tell this to a lot of guys here … BTW, this is not what I mentioned and why asking people what they think if u are not interested in what they have to say ? I do not get it … besides, I am sorry to say just this but I have almost never seen anything in the platform being “out of the box” - and this item definitely is not … - and there is a reason for this , this is a template market here and in many ways u have to make sure that the thing is usable for the great majority of people … (yes everything has pros and cons, I guess) unlike what happens with a custom work, like a freelance work for instance

I said this regarding to your comment that it’s far for being my best work and I appreciate your comment but this in my opinion it’s useful of customers all information they need to type it’s in the flyer like team name, match date and time etc, the way how it looks this is you may didn’t like it but I do and many others for sure some people will like and some not like for sure

It got approved :smiley:

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