Your advice new Future Bass (ish) track

Because my first track was rejected and I don’t really know why, I thought maybe it’s wise to have some of you guys review my second track first before I upload it. Do you think it is ready to go or does it need more work?

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Hey there,

It’s got a nice vocal melody, but at around 0:16 things just get too chaotic with the synth keys that come in.
The down-tuned vocal processing at 0:29 is really cool.
The synth keys that play at 0:42 are panned too harshly, in my opinion. It conflicts with the futurebass supersaw.
As cool as the transition at 1:08 sounds, I think it might be too sudden.
Love the vocal processing at 1:10.
The transition at 1:48 is also too sudden. It’s really jarring.

You’ve got a good concept here with some really interesting processing on the vocal chops. It’s very easy to listen to, which would definitely work well as background music, it’s just that the transitions are too abrupt and the overall arrangement of the track could be structured better - maybe reference a few Futurebass tracks on here and see how they structure their tracks.

Great! Thanks a lot, very helpful feedback, awesome that you took the time for this!

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My pleasure! Good luck. :slight_smile: