You have one advice to give, what is it

Give me one advice to get my site template accepted in ThemeForest

  • Be original. Don’t just do a standard layout, or copy something already on the marketplace.
  • Target a specific niche. There are already PLENTY of basic business templates, so do something that’s more specific, such as a small bakery, a museum, or even a magician.
  • Don’t just add a bunch of fancy effects for no reason. In fact, most effects like rippling images and custom cursors often make the site look cheap and unprofessional.
  • Make it consistent. Don’t create 3 or 4 different button styles, stick to just one. Two is okay if you have one be a large call to action, and then a smaller one for most other things. Don’t put animations (eg. scaling up when hovered) on objects that aren’t clickable, though this is very situational.
  • Include some custom made icons or other artwork. Just having boxes and text layouts won’t do any good.
  • Don’t rely too much on stock images. You could have a lot of beautiful eye-catching images which make your template stand out, but what if you remove those images? Will it still be interesting?
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Thank you very much :heart: :heart: